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Identity Crisis: the AAF Grand National Gaff

Here at All About Food we have a lot of pretty fun stories. A lot of the time whilst we’re here, we’re having fun whilst making money. And even though it isn’t happy, smiling families 24/7, we are often making time to do things the right way following our values. Especially when having a laugh!

It seems like, in a weird correlation of sorts, that a lot of our greatest days and stories of times in the company have a strangely equine theme. There was the time when we hired a small pony to come into the office for Hannah’s baby shower (if you haven’t checked out our baby shower blog, why not? Checking it out here!). We had a real-life, actual pony in the office all because of Hannah’s love of the 3 Mobile advert with the dancing pony. That was a pretty successful day!

Other cool days are when we’ve got to spend quality time building relationships with our customers at places like Cheltenham Festival, when we give a little back to some of the contacts who have joined us on our journey the year previously. But one horse-based story that goes a little by the wayside is the time Jordan and Dale tried to put on the 2016 Grand National sweepstake only to realise that something was slightly amiss. A couple of days before this years' race meet seems like a fairly good time to regale this story.

Last year, in traditional competitive AAF style, there was a little sweepstake for the Grand National between everyone in the office. It was just a bit of fun. Nothing too serious. That was until the moment that just about everyone at All About Food picked out a horse, gave their money and realised that, to our surprise, somebody (ahem Jordan!!) had printed off the 2015 (TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN!!) horses from an online sweepstake, making our picks almost a year old! Which was hilarious for everyone with the exception of the people who had picked out the horses who were last years favourites (or including myself, who had actually been given the 2015 Grand National winner Many Clouds. I’ve never had much luck on the National, but this takes the biscuit! Thanks a lot Jord!)

Luckily for this year, the sweepstake is being predominantly organised by Dale, who I am assured (for the safety of his job…) that he has the right horses, in the right race, for the correct year. Which is an improvement.

If you’ve got any equally funny stories, be sure to fire us a message. We would love to have a few more anecdotes of similar ilk to 2015 Nationalgate.