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The world revolves around good news. I mean, that and something to do with space, but mostly the Earth revolves around good news.

Everyone is very well aware of the fact that 2016 was a pretty crazy year in general. A lot of people had a great time but socially: things were a little bit weird.  

As the year came to an end, the excitement and hope for 2017 to become a super-great year ran into overdrive. The vibe within the Tree House is pretty fun whatever the weather, but it was with this in mind that we decided to start the All About Food Good News Newsletter; to give each other a little hop, skip and a jump when we’re having a naff old day (or to have an EVEN BETTER day). And with that, we introduce our first Good News Newsletter.


Arrival of New Friends

What better news to start with than the arrival of new friends, both within the company and outside it. Firstly, on 7th February this year, Hannah welcomed a new Foodie into the world in the shape of baby George. Which is literally the best news ever! Literally, ranked: #1.

In other new arrival news, and with no pressure at all after the above, was the arrival of Kam to the Sales team and Alan as maternity cover for Hannah within the Supply Chain team. We’re really excited to have Kam and Alan join our growing team of Foodies. They’ve already fully immersed themselves in our culture (and our induction process) and fit in here as snug as a bug in a rug. Welcome guys!

Junk Food Revolution

During February (which was clearly an awesome month!) we discovered an excellent scheme within the heart of our adopted home of Skelmersdale which promotes the use of food that supermarkets can’t sell because it is near the end of it’s shelf life. Junk Food Cafe, across at Tanhouse Community Centre, is a great idea and a few of us went down to the event and had a great three-course meal of soup, pizza and cake, washed down with a lovely cup of tea. The scheme pumps money back into the Birchwood Centre - a homeless charity in Skelmersdale - whilst allowing the community of Skelmersdale to pay what they feel for a meal. What a cool idea. You can read more about the Birchwood Centre at

Happy Hold Music

Not quite on the scale of new friends or awesome charity work, but on 17th March Katie B rang one of her contacts and their hold music was The Bare Necessities by Baloo from the Jungle Book. HOW HAPPY IS THAT?! Very happy, that’s how happy.

New Product and Fun Events

March also brought us a new product in the form of Red’s Dirty Burger sauce exclusively to Morrisons. Along with this new tasty sauce came a Red’s launch event at Morrisons head office to kick the listing off in style. At Morrisons HQ we provided eager employees with Red’s Dirty Burgers (500 of them!), chicken wings (600!) and a selection of pit beans, slaws and potato salads. Which, as you can imagine, went down a storm.

What is Dirty Burger sauce, exactly? It’s herby, it’s zingy and it’s smooth and creamy. It’s widely used on Red’s restaurant menu, but not available as a table sauce in the there, so think of this as Red’s giving you their secret recipe to take home. Mild in heat profile and perfect for families, especially kids. Positioned as a better, more flavoursome, punkier alternative to Mayo. And down-right delicious. Find below some awesome social coverage between brand and supermarket.



Katie B Passes the CIMA Half Way Mark - WOOP!

PROFESSIONAL EXAM NEWS ALERT: During February, after working super hard and revising whenever she found a spare minute, Katie B passed her latest CIMA exam in Project and Relationship Management. With this being the 7th exam out of 13, she is officially halfway through the course - MASSIVE ROUND OF APPLAUSE. So if you have any projects or relationships that need managing (who doesn’t, right?!), she’s your lady. In the words of CIMA Queen Katie, “the bright pink calculator is doing me well thus far”.

So there we are, we’re at the end of our calendar year Q1 good news update. We hope this has really cheered you up, and if it hasn’t - I really can’t think of anything else more exciting than the above. We’re proud of each of our Foodies, and these are just some of the exciting things that we get up to on a few-monthly basis. Thanks for checking in.

Love, Team AAF x