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Ranking Potatoes and Red Nose Day: our Week in Words

Thanks to the new All About Food Good News Newsletter (which you can look at here!) you saw how our first quarter went, and some of the exciting things that happened to people across the Tree House. Well, the last week has been a pretty exciting one too, with two milestone moments happening. Firstly, we had Red Nose Day festivities which were, as usual, a bundle of fun, energy and charity. Secondly, a few of the Foodies over lunch ranked their favourite types of potato food. We’re talking any major type of potato - be it chip, new or jacket. And spoiler alert: There’s a lot more potatoes than you may think.

Here’s our week in words:

Red Nose Day

As seems to be common knowledge and with that gaining national treasure status, Red Nose Day is a charity event that takes place every 2 years on the BBC. Founded by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry, it has become one of the TV highlights of the year, and shows just how much of a difference financially these type of telethons can make. Each event, All About Food comes together to do something fun for a good cause. Previous efforts have been our 24 Treadmill Challenge and the Creme Egg eating challenge, which raised money for Sport Relief, and between us, we’ve put our money to other great events too.

Last Friday, 24th March, was the big day for 2017, and Jane and Lucy had put together a games and auction hour, whilst the rest of the office came in dressed head to toe (or maybe just the odd sock or cardigan) in red to signal the day in style.

The auction - something that’s turning into an AAF tradition - saw the company provide two take out meals, a milkshake and an ice cream sundae that would go to the highest bidder and the most likely to scoff for dosh. After some quite frantic auctioning - the results were as followed:

Chicken nugget meal - £20 - Luke C (this was me, I was feeling a tad worse for wear and needed dreadful take-out food)

Hamburger - £20 - Phil

Drink        £14 - Sam

Fries            £5 - Tony

Ice cream sundae - £16 - Christine

Milkshake - £10 - Katie

As you can see, the fast food went down a storm (it was a Friday, after all!) and helped us bump up our overall total. After the auction, we had a donate to pay games session, which included Connect 4, Battleships and Hungry Hippos.

After a light lunch and some heavy gaming, our total fundraising effort came to £255, with other Foodies yet to add to this total. What an amazing effort! Well done to the whole team, but especially Jane and Lucy for organising the whole afternoon.

Ranking Potatoes

In one of the stranger moments during a lunch break recently, Luke C and Sam began the classic Foodie conversation about which potato product we rank as best. This conversation started as a bit of light chatter, but soon the table began airing their views, and we soon realised that the only way to settle this was to rank each product in a list of, what turned out to be, 1-23.

Like any good list discussion, we set out by mind-mapping all different types of potato foods. We left out some pretty big hitters - crisps never made the the cut, unfortunately - and set about categorising our list and setting across arguments for personal favourites. Once the discussion and counter-discussion had settled, and once fights were won and lost, the list began taking shape. Our top 5 in the list wasn’t what I would call overly healthy, as you can see below:

Loaded skins
McDonald’s fries (includes all good fries)
Curly fries
Chippy chips
Hash browns

Making up the best-of-the-rest was good mash in 6th place, which as we all know is separate from bad mash, which comes in at 21st place. The difference between good and bad mash is obvious for anyone who has had either, and is the only potato that was split into separate categories within themselves. And rightly so

The full official, professional and completely legitimate list can be seen below:

Loaded Skins
McDonald's Chips
Curley fries
Chippy Chips
Hash Browns
Good Mash
Triple Cooked
Roast Potato
Double Baked
Jacket Potatoes
New Potatoes
KFC Fries
Average Mash
Boiled Tinned
Boiled Potatoes