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It’s that time again: Time for a great, big wad of good news! Some summer sunshine, if you will! The summer sun has shone bright during quarter two, both literally and metaphorically. We’ve had some amazing times and in our second All About Food Good News Newsletter, we’ll be delivering some of that news with a smile and a wave. Merci beaucoup!

Three Peaks, Two Days and One Very Excellent Effort

This June, All About Food and Red’s True BBQ teamed up to raise money for a great cause for the area we are local to. The cause, the Birchwood centre, are a fantastic charity battling homelessness in Skelmersdale. The challenge, should we choose to accept it (spoiler: we did!) was to walk three, two, one or no peaks (some people supported by being our awesome “welcome back!” champions!) in 12 hours, raising the most money we could. Everyone within the company is super proud and raised an amazing £4760. Great effort, all! Now to rest.


Apprentice Time!

This is a really exciting update! Not about the Alan Sugar TV show of the same name, but our very own apprentice in the form of Charlie, who isstarting with the business in just 2 months time. He will be put through his paces and shown the ropes with a grueling and fantastic induction programme to make him feel welcome and clued up on all things AAF, making them ready to seriously rock our socks off working towards their Business Administration L3 qualification. We’re all really excited to have you join, Charlie!

Run, Dale, Run!

Nothing to do with the film Forrest Gump or the world-famous quote attached to it, but this is about a mighty fine achievement by Dale, who, on April 30th, ran the Manchester 10K in aid of the British Skin Foundation. Done entirely off his own back, and not in conjunction with All About Food, Dale raised a really impressive £500. When praised on raising such an awesome amount, Mr King responded to the writer with these words of wisdom: “That’s what happens when you moan at people until they give you money” - truly inspirational words. In all seriousness, well done Dale. This rules!


Mug Club Summer Celebration USA Style

Having previously worked with the West Lancs CVS on a bunch of awesome projects within the local community, this July gives us the chance to take care of the people who take care of some folks in the local area. On 25th July, carers from the Skelmersdale community will come into the Tree House to be wined (non-alcoholic..) and dined to the theme of USA! USA! In conjunction with 4th July (it’s a belated celebration, OK!). Everyone is really excited to have the chance to make some new friends and treat them all to burgers and desserts!

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Now, back to the newsletter.

Jen is Engaged!

Jen may have left the business recently, but we’re always really happy when former Foodies have great news, and boy is this good news! On a recent holiday to Greece (this is already a very jealousy-inducing story!) Jen’s partner Tony proposed to her, and she said yes! Woo! Congratulations Jen, we’re all so happy for you both!

Clair’s Back!

Well isn’t this a sight for extremely excited eyes! After a tough (yet rewarding!) maternity period hanging out with (and tending to) new arrival Hugo, Clair will be coming back to the office in early August and starting her new role within the Marketing team. HOW EXCITING! We’re really looking forward to welcoming Clair back into the office. See you soon, Clair!

Well hasn’t this been a bloomin’ exciting few months?! It’s great to be able to share a nice summary of what’s going on in and around the business, and this month has been particularly Foodie-focused. Which is awesome! We hope you have an excellent summer and we’ll be back with this feature in a few months with more good news for your consumption!

Love, Team AAF x