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Our Favourite Foodie Places: Online

Since good old Mr Internet* came along and invented the world wide web, our lives have been more inundated with useful (and useless) information year, on year, on year.

We love having more information at hand. Being online has made the world smaller and the scope for checking out loads of new things - mostly YouTube videos of dogs on bouncy castles - much larger. And it means we’re merely a fingertip away from finding our new food-related squeeze or trend.

Food blogging, vlogging and websites have exploded on the internet becoming massive viral sensations along the way. Scrolling down our Facebook feed leaves our minds boggled by the amount of funky food and awesome recipes being shared daily. Nay, hourly. This made us think of our favourite places to look for foodspiration. Take a look at some of the places that we like to head for our food news, views and entertainment.


This account is really fun and exciting. Started by 4 pals - Barry, Ben, Mike, Jamie - this food blog, vlog and general internet food bible was created because the lads had very little knowledge, expertise and experience with food. Beginning telling a story of their lack of food knowledge, their skill improved as their followers grew, too. Now they boast a 1.7million plus following on YouTube and dedicated followers across all social media, becoming one of the largest food networks in the world. They have series upon series to choose from. Their food revolution seemingly knows no bounds. Our favourite video? The film night snack tips episode. SO delish!


Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Tomatoes is a vegetarian blog started by Scottish vegetarian Jacqueline Meldrum. The name Tinned Tomatoes comes from her near obsessive use of - yep, you guessed it - tinned tomatoes during the beginning of her vegetarian life. And what makes us enjoy this food blog, you ask? Well, there’s literally hundreds of vegetarian recipes and they’re all easy to crack on with and cook. Ranked at number 18 in the list of UK food blogs, Jacqueline has absolutely nailed cooking hearty, exciting vegetarian food with a focus on showing how vegetarianism is just as jazzy as anything you can eat with meat in.

How To Cook That  

Do you like your desserts unhealthy and your tastes huge? Well, I feel like you’ve come to the right place. Ann Reardon aka How To Cook That, is a quirky Australian dietitian “who likes to cook ridiculously unhealthy desserts” - which is totally OK by us.

The story of HTCT is just as charming as the presenter herself (and she’s massively hilarious, too!). The blog/vlog started out as a way to communicate her recipes to friends and family, but pregnancy and a newly born child accelerated this hobby into a full-time blogathon. And aren’t we glad that was the case. There’s so many devilishly delicious treats on show that there’s no way you can watch just one video.

There are so many fantastic designs - from an iPad cake to an Instagram-style - that unless you’re completely OK with the idea of binge-eating cake after watching, maybe steer clear of Ann. If you’re completely down for cake times, then we suggest taking a look at her Mega Chocolate Lava Cake here - it looks a-mazing!


So there you have it - 3 of our most favourite food places to roam online. There plenty of places to take a peek and there’s so many awesomely talented people playing around with different types of food, both decoration and creation. As Foodies, we love to get stuck into new food and classics, so why not let us know what you think?

*actual name