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It will come as no surprise to learn that the Foodies of The Tree House are rather partial to a sweet treat now and again.  Nor will it shock anyone to hear that many (or most!) of us think we’re just a silver goatee away from being the new Paul Hollywood.  So when the annual MacMillan Coffee Morning rolled around, we couldn’t help but throw on our aprons, dig out our piggy banks, and hold our very own Bake Off! The task at hand to the team: bring in your signature bake to be voted on by your fellow Foodies, in the hopes of being crowned the Great Foodie MacMillan Bake Off Champ!

And my how we baked! The entries came by the dozens as Foodies proudly displayed their wares. The afternoon was awash with games, chatter, and (of course) cake. We had a ‘guess the spots on the cake’ competition; a jam-packed raffle; a Bake Off-themed round of our Foodie favourite game, Scattegories; and a hilarious round of ‘pin the smile on the grumpy Chef’ (thanks again to Rob for his ‘co-operation’ with this!). 

We tasted all the bakes we could manage (which was rather a lot of cake!) and filled the ballot boxes to support our favourites. And then, as has now become customary at All About Food baking events, we held an auction!  Clair was our fearless auctioneer who rallied the crowd and teased every penny out of the bids for the chocolate cake prize… but all eyes were really on our Foodie high roller, Phil, who swooped in with a very generous mega bid to end the auction and cue the celebrations!!

And with us wide-eyed and chocolate-covered, it was time to announce the Bake Off winners. The Foodies stepped up with anticipation to applaud our three fantastic winners: Hannah, Jane, and our Bake Off Champ - Clair! Applause, press photos and congratulations ensued. And the final tally? Well after a day of fantastic involvement from the entire team, and a whole lot of heart and soul, we raised a whopping £1,389.88! A wonderful achievement and a real testament to our fabulous team.


The Foodie Paul and Mary of the day, Hannah and I, would like to send one final huge thank you to our team. Neither of us imagined so many bakes, so much energy, or so many pennies!  So here’s to the next one, our whisks are at the ready…

Sam x