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A Foodie Leaves: Goodbye Luke C


Last October, All About Food said goodbye to Office Administrator Luke Chandley after 3 and a half years of working for the company. Whilst it’s never nice to lose a member of staff, a core value of All About Food is to try and develop our Foodies and help them deliver on what’s best for them, whether that’s with All About Food or elsewhere. It is the type of thing that makes us feel good! Luke’s move away from the company also coincided with a complete change in career for him. What better way to tell you all about his time here than to hear it straight from the horse's mouth? Here’s Luke to tell you a little about his time with the company and what exactly he thinks he is doing leaving All About Food!

“Hi guys!

OK, so I’ll tell you a secret. I wrote the little introduction piece above myself and it was real hard for me to not wax lyrical about how important I was from the perspective and voice of All About Food, regardless of whether or not that was strictly true...

My story at All About Food started in 2013 when I joined in a new role as Office Administrator. It had been a little while since I had boarded the ‘admin’ boat, as loads of my experience was in restaurant and catering. From looking at the company from the outside, I was in awe. It all seemed so funky and fresh. The idea of working with some of the coolest restaurant brands in the country was an exciting one, so obviously I swatted up ahead of the interview. An interview that was one part great, another part dreadful.

My line-manager-to-be, Sarah, asked me, in the second part of the interview, to complete an excel test stating that I would need experience in the programme if I was going to get the role. And guess what?


Have you ever tried to calculate equations in your head? I have, and it’s basically impossible. Which is probably why they invented Microsoft Excel in the first place. My interview had gone from promising to pants in the space of 20 minutes. I had flunked the interview.

Long story short, I got the job, and as Sarah called to tell me I yelled “Are you kidding me?!” down the phone before composing myself and doing little dance of joy. Even then I still didn’t know just how massive an influence this company would have on me going forward. And how little I would actually need Excel in my life.

Each day was a new challenge and that’s what I loved about my job. It was hard work but good fun too and there’s no better partnership.

I left All About Food to become a freelance writer, writing blogs, copy, press releases and anything else with words. I have a view to starting my own company in a few years which is full of creative whizzes and unique people. In that respect, I hope that I can reflect the vibe that AAF has. I think it’s fairly easy to simply say how good somewhere is, but the proof is how much I’ve been back since I left in October. I’ve been back to the Tree House, my second home, almost once a week. It’s just purely coincidental that a lot of times I’m in the office there’s a lunch celebrating a birthday, success or survival of a tough week.

My life away from All About Food is both fantastic and strange in equal measure. I have started my own online lifestyle magazine, Sunshine Magazine, and been pushed outside of my comfort zone, but I get to control my own path, go my own way. I’ve still spent time working with and writing for AAF on a freelance basis and that’s the biggest pleasure of all. It’s great to still have that link with the company and the people here whilst chasing my dream - even if that dream sometimes feels a little far away!

I had been with All About Food for over 3 years and in that time I made some of my best friends and laughed until my sides hurt. I’ve also worked hard and with the help of everyone here I’ve taken the leap into the wild world of freelance writing. If the waters are meant to be choppy, my awesome time with awesome people has helped calm that storm.

Viva AAF.”

We get excited by restaurant brands but what also excites us is the continued success of people who move away from the business into different places. It would be downright daft of us to expect everyone to stay here forever and always (even though we wish they would!), so to help people in their career going forward is a real joy. Luke’s is just one of many stories we all have.