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If you were a foodie, how might you spend your work Christmas do? Eating a slap up dinner and having a good festive sing song? Absolutely. This year, us food loving folk at All About Food spent the evening eating Manchester out of its annual turkey supply, and brought some Christmas cheer to the city with our (not so finely honed) karaoke skills. Believe me when I tell you, our efforts should be neither seen nor heard!


Far more beautifully wrapped up and delivered, however, was the pop up restaurant we ran for our local community during the day. Working out of the Artz Centre in Skelmersdale (where our office is based), we were tasked with hosting a pop up Christmas restaurant for local families, elderly people and community support groups across the town, just five hours after being given the original brief!


In true foodie style, we got to work. Our 30 strong team broke down into three different groups, covering kitchen, front of house and entertainment. An hour of brainstorming and electing team leaders commenced – all with the support of team building company Team Gym - with ideas put forward and budgets discussed to put on the most fabulously festive dinner for the locals.


After an hour’s thinking and plotting, we pooled our ideas and split up tasks. The kitchen team head for the ovens, the front of house team for the tablecloths and the entertainment  team for the AV equipment. A few (ridiculously short) hours later and we opened the doors for a classic Christmas turkey dinner, raffles and quizzes complete with carefully selected foodie prizes and a beautifully decorated room, complete with candy canes, Christmas lights and crackers, of course.


We absolutely loved feeding and entertaining the lovely people of Skelmersdale, giving the people most in need across the town a Christmas feast to remember, and a good old Christmas carol to send them on their way. Our belief in ourselves and our family of foodies couldn’t have been more evident, and the passion and pride with which we delivered on our challenge is what we’re all about. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Lauren x