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Exam Success and a Pizza Making Party

We like to celebrate success here at the Tree House, so when Luke (our office administrator) recently passed an important exam, we took to the kitchen like true Foodies, and threw him a pizza making party to mark the occasion.

Pairing up in teams of two, we made our pizza dough from scratch, and despite having only a short period of time to knead and rise, created some pretty impressive bases. Tony’s skills from his previous life as a pizza boy definitely came in handy, demonstrating beautifully how to work the dough into a flat, even and round base.

IMG_9936.JPGTony Shows the Team How It's Done

Keeping it in the All About Food family, we topped our pizzas with our delicious Pizza Express Passata before piling on the range of toppings we’d pulled together. Pesto, mozzarella, salami and lots of lovely veg were all available to personalise our pizzas, and made for some pretty unique creations.

IMG_9940.JPGHappy Pizza Faces

Pizza faces, bizarre combinations (hot dog sausages and Austrian smoked cheese, anyone?) and squinty shaped bases all went into the oven, but turned out beautifully for our big team lunch in honour of Luke’s achievement.


Luke's Fabulous Creation

Congratulations Luke!