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Cranks, Veganism and a bit of Foodie cooking... 

Learning some new skills and cooking up a vegan storm in the kitchen… all in a day’s work with our vegetarian brand, Cranks. To learn a little more about this growing food trend and build our relationship with our faves, the Vegetarian Society, I got the chance to spend the day with four of our Cranks blogger friends at the Vegetarian Society cookery school down in Altrincham. Not too shabby if you ask me!


Our group was made up of our lovely instructor Alex - a vegetarian himself – who was more than prepped for the day of teaching us how to whip up a vegan feast. Vegetarian bloggers Tin & Thyme, Thinly Spread, Allotment2Kitchen and Amuse your Bouche all joined me as we prepared to build our very own vegan toolkit to take back home and bolster our veggie cooking skills.


The day was a whirlwind of successful foodie ventures (if I do say so myself). We started off with some knife skills and basic vegetable prep, including the dreaded onion chopping, (at which I am not too expertly skilled). We moved swiftly on to a series of quickly made vegan recipes, including a simple tomato sauce recipe, a vegan mayonnaise, pizza dough, and pesto. Most excitingly, we learnt how to make our very own pasta from scratch, each of us in turn mastering the technique of the pasta machine and individually handcrafting our own ravioli.


We managed all this and more in less than half the day. I even created my own vegan enchiladas, that I must say simply were a treat. After a quick food break to regain our strength, then it was time to really put our skills to the test. We each tackled our own detailed recipe that really would create a wow factor at any dinner party, be it vegan or not.


By the end of the day the display of food was a real treat for the eyes and taste buds. The table was laden with various dishes - all vegan and all equally scrumptious. However, I must say I was most proud of my piece de resistance… my vegan triple layer truly chocolatey cake. It was divine! I definitely won’t be shying away from cooking up that and many of the other treats again when I’m back in my own kitchen. Overall, the day proved to be a massive success and an education to us all.


For me though, it just showed that vegan really is easy and a most definitely tasty trend!


Grace x