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The World's Biggest Coffee Morning at All About Food


One of the most prominent dates in the All About Food Ltd yearly calendar is the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years and aren’t quite sure what the Macmillan coffee morning is exactly, well - let me explain.


The great guys at Macmillan are a nationwide cancer charity, aimed at helping the millions of people who suffer from the disease each year. They’re doing a fantastic job, becoming one of the most prominent organisations within the charity sector in Britain today. But all of the support and funding they give out to patients needs to come from somewhere: which is where the general public come in.


During the mid-90’s, Macmillan came up with a small but powerful idea of having an annual day in which people around the country could do their bit for charity whilst doing exactly what they do best - drinking coffee (or tea!) and eating cakes. Yummy!


From the inception of the idea, the movement has changed hugely. What has now become the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is just that, whilst the charity has created one of the most recognisable fundraising events ever. It has taken homes, communities and businesses by storm. And All About Food Ltd loves it!


By way of honouring tradition (and getting to eat loads of lovely, tasty cakes), the Foodies here decided that we needed to host the morning and do our own little bit for charity. But we wanted to make sure the morning was tailored a little; we wanted to add a some sparkle.


What came about was this years AAF BAFTAs. The Baking And Foodie Treat Afternoon (we changed the time in the day of the event to accommodate our fancy acronym) and it was fantastic.


Following on from years before, we figured out we needed to theme the afternoon to give it some added ‘oomf’ and the theme we decided upon was the Silver Screen. Is there any better theme than this? We think not!


After inviting our fellow Foodies to the BAFTA event with beautifully designed invitations (we had Hannah and Sam to thank for that) we tasked each and every attendee with baking, dressing up and counting down the days until 30th September - BAFTA day.


The buzz around the Tree House in the days and weeks before was fresh in the air from the get-go. Ideas flew around and tasty treats were being planned, all in the anticipation of one of the most meaningful and fun days of the year. New Foodies were getting involved in the costume plans too, which is always lovely to see!


When the day arrived, there was no shortage of effort and adventure in the fancy dress or the cake-making. Yours truly came as Tigger (and yes, Tigger did have a movie: the 2000 smash hit The Tigger Movie) with matching facepaint, onesie and tiger ears. Coming into the office dressed like that at 8am was one of my biggest challenges of the year. Stopping off for petrol on the way to work was interesting, too. Other Foodies did not fail to live up to often ridiculously high fancy dress expectations. As seconds turned to minutes across the morning, we soon got a flavour for what a silly and exciting day we were to have ahead of us.


Sophie, Jen and Grace came as the Pink Ladies from Grease, whilst Tony joined in the theme as Danny Zuko. Murray and Sam delved deep into their creative treasure chest and came as the Hollywood sign and a box of popcorn respectively. And that was just the start.


As people brought their baked goods to the kitchen in anticipation for the grand opening of the coffee morning, things started to feel exciting. I will never forget walking past Wayne from Wayne’s World and The Terminator discussing market insight whilst one of the Men In Black was hard at work in the finance department. And then there was me, in true Tigger style, bouncing all around the office - even before the massive intake of sugar in the cakes and caffeine in the coffee.


The BAFTA day was really fun. We voted on the best cakes in a Bake-Off style competition (Katie B’s popcorn cake was a delight!) whilst indulging in chat and scoff aplenty. We finished the day off with a game of the All About Food classic ‘scatergories’ before heading off on our merry way towards the weekend.


Helping other people is in the DNA of each and every one of our Foodies, but days like this, the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, are such a joy to be a part of. They’re exciting, crazy, a bit loopy but heck, that’s the best way. Our way of raising money includes raising spirits, too. Inside the office and out. So here’s to the next coffee morning. Hasta la vista, baby.