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Our Christmas Party Part 2: A Murder (Mystery) at Springkell


After our lovely day at the Birchwood Centre, we made our way to the coach to find out what was next on our list of things to do. Even though our charity work with Birchwood finished later than planned (by an hour or so…), we hopped on a coach only to be told we were going to be travelling into another country. We were going to Scotland.

We were well aware of what we were doing - we had been told earlier in the month that we would be taking part in a murder mystery event and that we should don our caps and batten down the hatches because there was going to be a murder.

Some people chatted, some people slept and others worked whilst other people had a little beer for the road. The coach journey took 3 hours to complete, all the while one person in the group knew that they would be a murderer for the night. They were just unaware of who it was. That was to be found out over dinner.

On arrival at our destination, everyone was told they had a couple of hours to get ready and prepare for the murder mystery. Each Foodie had been told their character before the night so they knew what to wear. The theme was 1950’s style, and as you can see from the picture below, we all took it very, very seriously. Out of just a few of the characters were Hannah, who was the vicar’s assistant, Sam who played the gardener, Brian who was the butler and Tony was war hero Captain Brown.

To go through everyone’s character would be a bit of a mission, but it was awesome to see the great effort by everyone to act out their part. But two characters that were more integral to the story of the night were Lady Emily Crump (Katie B) and Ronald Crump (Jordan), siblings with motives for murder aplenty.



The murdered was the father of the above Crumps - the Lord Crump of the manor - and his rather large will looked like a pretty good financial motive for murder, if you ask us. Which was why it looked pretty suspicious too when it was revealed that Lady Crump was to be the benefactor of Lord Crump’s hefty left-behinds. I smell a murderer..

After a few hours of question and counter question, suspicious minds and prying eyes, it turned out that the murderer of Lord Crump was in fact Roland Crump, still bitter at the decision to award Lady Crump his millions. Game, set and match.

Luckily for us, just before he was put away for murder*, we got the chance to speak with the Springkell murderer himself, the (dis)Honourable Roland Crump:

What did you do? Poisoned the deceased's whiskey

Why did you do this to your father, Mr Crump? He wasn’t ever going to give me his money, and I blame him for my mother’s death. Although I made out I was close to him, that was all a ruse. I had gambling debts and needed to do it for personal gain.

What was personal gain in killing your dad?

I had a failed business and as I say, loads of gambling debt too. This was the easiest way to get around both of these. This didn’t quite go as planned though.

Do you regret committing the crime?

I regret getting caught, but the crime? Not so much.

Were you the only person involved?


How did you get caught?

I nearly got away with it, but Emily Crump (sister, Katie B) figured it out. I left my fingerprints on the whiskey decanter. It’s surprising because the only person who usually drinks whiskey to excess is Lowbeam (Dale’s character).

So there you are, an All About Food exclusive.

It was a really great night and coupled with the day helping out Birchwood (which you can read about here) it was a great way to spend time with each other, lend a helping hand and reward each other for a year of working hard.

*I would like to remind you, the murder didn’t really take place.