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All About Food Children’s Christmas Party 2016


If you saw our blog last year, you will know that we did our first All About Food Children’s Christmas Party in 2015. At the time it was a little bit of an experiment, a chance to see how the office would run with a rather large group of pre-Foodies roaming the departments, before bringing them together for games, tasty food and gifts from Santa. What could possibly go wrong?

2015’s event was such a fantastic success that the question wasn’t if it was going to happen again, but how early it was acceptable to start the planning of this year's party? It turns out early July may be slightly too early. So we left it until November.

Last year’s Christmas Party champion Lindsay took the reigns once more, finding time between looking after two little Foodies of her own to plan the bash this year.

The most important part of Christmas is family and people. However, the joint second best part of Christmas is food and games, and considering we already had the family raring to go, Lindsay could concentrate on getting in the lunch and decorating our restaurant fit for a party and a half.

On the day of the party, the children arrived ready to rock and roll but unfortunately, in typical adult style, the parents were being party poopers. That morning, we had our internal business update which needed bags of information and most of all, concentration. Concentration and serious, attentive faces.

In a nice twist, the children were led into the Village Hall by Jane with little cards, all with a specific set of numbers and information on, each making up an important piece to the jigsaw that was the business quarterly update. Upon prompting, each mini-Foodie with the appropriate card would stand up and parade around the room, dishing out a little bit of information along the way. What a lovely way to begin the day.



Once the adults and children had finished with their joint collaboration of businessy numbers and quarterly figures, the time had come for the main event: party time.

Food and drink was consumed in what we would call a semi-orderly fashion (some younger children got cake on their faces…) and shiney hats were placed atop heads all across the room. The next thing to happen was the real main event. Enter: Santa Claus.

Seeing the children’s faces when the Big Man himself entered the room was a real sight to behold. Then seeing the adult’s faces as the children’s faces saw Santa was an awesome sight too. Santa coming through to Skelmersdale for an early visit really got the children excited and whether it was the sugar high or the surprise visitor they had got moments earlier, the party games we had in store turned into quite the competitive battle.




Between pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs we nearly had stropping children and teary eyes, but Lindsay - with all of her excellent parental skills - negotiated the situation magnificently and competitive children never ended up turning into chaotic kids, which is always a great sign.

As traditions go, we’ll keep on doing this Christmas party year upon year. It’s a great thing to be able to do and the children seemed to really enjoy the occasion. Until next year.