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Bring Your Dog To Work Day


Always looking to push the boundaries of what exactly can be deemed as normal practice and totally repackage it, last Friday we held our inaugural Bring Your Dog to Work Day, a day that went down in the history of All About Food and brought together a whole host of different breeds of dog together for a day of feline fun.

Whilst our one true love is food, it quickly became clear that dogs, too, hold a pretty big place in our heart. With this in mind, decided that this year should be the start of a tradition of allowing our furry friends to have a day at the office. The idea was to keep the Tree House as much of a working office as we could for the whole day, but honestly, this was always going to be pretty hard when so much attention was going to be on the miniature feline community of the Tree House.

The idea behind our office, the Tree House, both in name and in practice, was to reflect a natural, honest approach to our work space, and one that certainly reflects our approach as a company. The fact that we would get actual animals to come into the office to match this natural style would probably have been laughed out of the building as a pipe dream at one point. Yet, during this year alone, we’ve had a pony/unicorn for Hannah’s baby shower and now the day of the dog. What could be next - surely it wouldn’t be too far fetched so expect some kind of birds to come along at one point (invited or not..) or even a village cat popping along for a little minute. The possibilities, now, are endless.

The dogs that we had on show - Buddy, Holly, Buster, Rocko, Buzz and Ruben - brought a special little something to the office. An unusual excitement. And that coupled with our usual feverous Friday feeling, as you can imagine it was bit chaotic - in the most fantastic of ways.  

The idea initially was to have a Crufts reenactment in our Village Green area, but it turns out that during the day us Foodies do need to do some work, and unfortunately this plan was put the the side for the moment. 2018 AAF Crufts is still very much on the agenda, though.

A special thanks must go out to Luke, Cheryl, Grace, Murray and Laura for bringing dog days to All About Food. Until next time.