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All About Luke: Part 2 - Joining the Family

By Luke

"To kick off part 2, let’s start with the people. It may be the easy way out to say I get on with everyone here, but that’s the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I was made to feel welcome here from day one, and for that I’m pretty flippin’ happy. I’ve never worked somewhere where everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve also never worked anywhere before where the employees have cared so much. This is something that I really love about All About Food, and want to take this moment to say I feel exactly the same. Another great thing is I feel welcome, and as a newbie, that’s one of the most relieving and reassuring things.

A day in my life at All About Food is pretty spontaneous in its creation. I probably have two things I will always do every day (open the post at the beginning of the day, and close the blinds at the end of the day) and the rest will manifest in between. Usual tasks include answering the phones, packing and sending samples, ordering any office equipment that may be needed and keeping our Village Hall and Scout Hut meeting rooms ready for their next meetings. I see the latter as a huge part of my job, conveying the professional image of the company through the standards we have on show to guests. The first impression of the company will always determine how our visitors feel going into a meeting. If we get this right, I see this very much as ‘winning the toss’, to coin a sporting phrase, and setting off on the front foot and gaining a professional advantage. We’re playing at home and if we have our (tree) house in order it can go a long way to winning the game. And it’s my job to try and ensure the above happens. Always.

I hope this provides a little insight into my life here at All About Food, and you never know, I may even blog again someday!"