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The Baby Shower and a Baby Boy


Sometime during last summer - the beginning of August, I think - as we said goodbye to one of our lovely Foodies in the form of Clair - who was leaving the business for a year on maternity leave (WE MISS YOU, CLAIR!) - we also had another lovely surprise announcement from Hannah, who sprung on us all that she too was pregnant and would be leaving us temporarily at the beginning of 2017 to start a family of her own and to take take the Jones family headcount from two to three. We love to see people move on and grow personally, both in their family and in their baby bump, so we were super excited to hear Hannah’s fantastic news.

Fast forward 6 months to January 2017 and the due date for Hannah is edging closer and closer. Hannah is still working - just - and we’re ready to have a baby shower celebration to see her off in the most exciting of fashions. We didn’t want to risk having a baby shower and Hannah not be there (it could happen!) so we made sure we gave a few weeks grace between party date and due date - just to be safe.

Our pre-party planners were Sam, Jane and Laura whilst on the day, anyone passing the kitchen with a free hand and 30 seconds to spare got dragged into helping in the form of plating up food, carrying food or placing balloons in the right place. Our Village Green was transformed into a major elephant-themed celebration, including matching bunting, cake decorations and paper plates.


As a time-honoured tradition with Foodie departures - temporary or otherwise - we like to send each person off with a poem about their time with the business. This poem goes from silly to serious and back and is always a nice send-off way to send someone off. Matthew gave the poem the old Davison once-over and cooked up a brilliant ditty which included some classic Hannah highlights including:

  • Hannah’s love for Greggs pasties and sausage rolls

  • Her enthusiasm for below-par stories

  • The dedication she brings to her role

  • The fact she has an unusual obsession with Fisherman’s Friend lozenges

Although Matthew absolutely smashed the poem a la Shakespeare 2017, the highlight of the afternoon was soon to reveal itself. And it was completely out of left-field. Even for our out-of-the-box, creative standards.


By way of a little bit of backstory, Hannah really loves that 3 advert with the track Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. The one where the small pony moonwalks his way across lovely, green landscape to one of the catchiest songs in memory. Yeah, well she loves that one. So what better way to show our best wishes to a mother-to-be than to get an actual, real life pony brought into the office? There is no better way, we agree.

Magic the pony (and at times, unicorn) was a local pony who comes and delivers joy and cheer with her white skin, rainbow-coloured hair and glitter-covered self* coupled with her generally exciting and beautiful demeanor. It’s only when you’ve had a pony in an office that you can fully understand how hugely excitable 30 adults can be.

After feeding Magic and petting her until all of her glitter had gone from her body to our hands, we said goodbye to our equine friend, safe in the knowledge that Hannah, and the rest of the office, will never have another day in work quite like that one.

The great news is that since the baby shower a few weeks ago, Hannah has now had a beautiful baby boy - George Peter Jones - and both are home and delighted to finally be in each others company.

Everybody at All About Food is super excited meet baby George and see Hannah pop in again soon, and wish her, George and Nick the best of luck.

*All colours, glitters and activities are pony friendly and sold with a 100% guarantee that no hard comes from using them. We made sure of this before Magic was booked.