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All About Katie - Joining The Family

The first day. Everyone gets nervous on the first day, and I must admit that I was nervous joining All About Food (AAF). You always get The Fear about being the “new person” – you can’t help but wonder what everyone is going to be like, whether or not you will fit in, and most importantly whether or not you’re going to be any good at it!!


Well just over three months ago, I started AAF as the Finance Executive, having been given the wonderful opportunity to train as an accountant. The past three months have flown by and I have never looked back. I mean who wouldn’t want to work somewhere where you have an unlimited supply of Nando’s crisps?! But the food aside, I couldn’t have asked to have joined a better bunch of people, and feel so lucky to be an official “Foodie”.


I suppose a good place to start is an overview of the past three months. As is tradition, my warm welcome started with a foodie lunch (naturally), and the next few weeks that followed consisted of an induction into every area of the business. Then it was time to focus on my new adventure as a Trainee Accountant.


I suppose no one really knows what their new job is going to be like when they join, but I guess work hard, play hard is a pretty good way to sum it all up. Starting in a Graduate role I wasn’t expecting to be given so much responsibility at such an early stage – and for those around me to have so much belief in me. This has led to me being given so much independence with elements of the role. Its tough learning a new skill, and I have gotten things wrong at times, but I have received so much support that I am comfortable in asking questions every step of the way (particular apologies go to Helen and Neil on that one!). Alongside that, there has been 3 CIMA courses already under the belt, and one exam passed (woohoo!), with my next CIMA course beginning soon. So there is all the hard work summed up briefly – and it is always rewarded so greatly.


Soon after I joined, I got to experience our first team away day. We all headed off to Chester for a day out, followed by a fabulous meal and a stay over in a lovely hotel. During the day we were split into two teams, and had pre-selected a list of tasks for the other team for which they would receive points if they completed them. And yes, as you most probably guessed, many of them tasks consisted of making slight fools of ourselves. And yes, as you most probably guessed again, I have got pictures of this (sorry guys!).


My team won – and rightfully so (FYI I have a very competitive streak). And so an evening of celebratory drinks commenced. I must make particular reference to the meal that we had at The Chef’s Table that was absolutely delicious – so delicious that I am booked to go back with family and friends in the near future! And being a true Foodie, I of course have pictures of the food…


Other than the away day, and the fun we all have in the office on a daily basis, we also had our Christmas party (make sure you go and read the blog!). But in a nutshell, we had a wonderful day throwing a Christmas party for those worthy in the community, and then got to party the night away ourselves in Manchester. The night was filled with more fabulous food and drink, a lot of dancing, and too much horrendous karaoke, but it was a fab night!


Looking back on the last 3 months, and what I have achieved makes me proud, in many ways! And I have so much more to look forward to. It’s time to get back to my studies and knuckle down, and although I still have many years of hard work and studying to come, I am sure I am going to enjoy every step of the way.


Katie x