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All About Jordan - Joining The Family

Prior to joining All About Food, I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University and had worked in FMCG marketing at Unilever for a year. After an afternoon in the university library reading The Grocer online, I came across All About Food, saw the inspiring brands and jumped straight into my application form.  

Day One. Shirt on, Blazer on, best jeans and a pair of boots. Ready to make a good first impression. Get to the office early to start our four week induction. Welcome banners in the Village Green and an office breakfast awash with new faces (or partially new as I had spent the week prior reading the people pages), and half of them are wearing shorts. This isn’t like any other office. It’s bonkers. Starting alongside Grace and Dale - the latter of whom I had met at a welcome meal at Red’s in Manchester the week earlier - made it so easy to start. However the whole office is just as welcoming as the space we are in.

The induction process was designed to show us - all new graduates stepping into the world of grocery - the industry. We visited all the retailers to show us what is going on a shelf. Here, I admit to being like a big kid in a sweet shop in a supermarket; seeing things on shelf, plus signs and shippers is almost a hobby. But after the detail of the first fortnight, I have never just nipped into a shop since. A trip to Tesco is now a day out! And then there’s the food part. Working with the brands we do, food is everywhere. From office lunches, restaurant openings, foodie bake-offs and food vans to the wonderful creations from Rob, our self-proclaimed grumpy, development chef.

Throughout our time here, we have gone through a wide-ranging training programme which has allowed us to hit the ground running. Training in how to work best with our many many contacts across our brands and retailers, project management training, emotional intelligence and the mentor scheme we have internally too. Also, as someone who follows all GB sport, having a talk from the Steve Peter’s Chimp Management Company on the Chimp Paradox Theory (having read the book cover to cover), was an extra special touch.

Looking back at the induction month, I remember a conversation with Phil, our MD, saying I am looking forward to the first bad day to see what it is like. His reply, “They don’t come often”. Entering my eighth month as a Foodie, he was right. It is honestly a pleasure working with inspiring brands and inspiring people in an inspiring place.