The All About Food Values

At the heart of our business are a set of core values that underpin everything we do; the way we work and the way we behave towards those around us. Visit us here at The Tree House and you will see us living these values every single day… If you don’t see us living them, tell us – we love feedback!

How do we live these values?

It always helps to have values that you really believe in – so instead of a set of values imposed by ‘the bosses’ our values were written by the people who live and breathe them every day – our foodies. We developed the core values some time ago however, a couple of years ago when we had doubled in size, we started to ask each other ‘what do the values mean?’ and ‘how do we live them?’

So… we stepped back to look at how we did things and how we would like to do things in the future. We talked, debated, argued & discussed exactly what it is that sets us apart from other companies and to truly understand what Pride, Passion, Belief, Integrity & Family really mean to us… The results? Well hopefully you can see the understanding we have of our values below…

We like to share these with our suppliers, partners, customers and, of course each other. We’d love to hear what you think!

You can learn more about our values by clicking the link for each within the image below.


Pride Passion Belief Family Integrity Pride Passion Belief Integrity Family