When people leave All About Food, the news is always bittersweet. We don’t like to lose people, but at the same we’re always super proud when they move on the pastures new!

Last Friday we said ‘au revoir’ to one most fantastic and excellent Foodie, Jen, who is moving on to new horizons. Jen has always been one of the happiest, smiliest and kindest Foodies during her whole time with All About Food. And the nice thing? She’s moving on for a complete fresh start and a new direction, embarking on a career in career training and development, focusing on young people. Before that, though, she’s heading out of her comfort zone and traveling the South Americas. It’s alright for some! We really wish her the very best of luck and will miss her greatly. We shall also be bribing Jen to come back and see us with offers off Peri-Peri sauce and Pizza Express passata. How could she resist!

Before Jen left, however, we made sure we all went out for one last shindig to give her the send off she very well deserved. So on popped the gladrags and off we shot to Liverpool for an excellent meal at popular city-centre restaurant Neighbourhood, where we were greeted, wined and dined all in the honour of Jen.


Photobooth Fun!

After a mix of (but hopefully not all of!) burgers, sea bass, chicken lollipops and chocolate bombs (don’t ask!), we turned to our finely tuned skill of celebrating with a drink or two and went a little crazy on the photobooth (check out the evidence above!)

After a great evening surfing the nightlife in Liverpool city centre, and some, probably minimal amounts of sleep, we made our way into the office for Jen’s final day in the office, full of gifts, delicious food and more than a few emotional words. We’ll miss you, Jen!

Chicken Lollipops

Thai Baked Seabass