While a lot of the brands we work with involve using meat to create spectacular dishes, our own brand – Cranks – is a step in a different direction. Cranks Food is a vegetarian brand, with great tasting wholesome food at the core of our food.

Cranks Restaurant is a cornerstone of our business. And while the brand may have changed it’s face a lot over the years, and the changing image and products continue, the same general theme moves to drive us: creation of wholesome and interesting vegetarian food. Hip-hip, hooray!

This week, as you will know, is National Vegetarian Week. NVW is a great chance for us to expand our own knowledge of vegetarianism as employees and dip into new foods and new things. Most people within the business are consumers of meat (there are one or two exceptions), so as a company we have decided to follow through on NVW by making asking for volunteers to make a vegetarian meal each day for the Foodies to eat, with donations being accepted on what we would have spent on our lunches. So, here are the first two things we ate this week, courtesy of some bloomin’ fantastic Foodies:

Monday: Helen

Thai Green Curry

Tuesday: Cheryl, Kam and Laura

Chickpea Tikka Masala

Quorn & Veg Korma

Pastry & Patty Accompaniment

Homemade Chutney & Salsa



So there we have it. And what’s more, later in the week, we’ll have a documentation of a person who has gone from meat-eater to vegetarian diet for a week. And it’s someone who relies heavily on eating meat (it’s me). So it should be interesting to see how I get on for the remaining days of vegetarianism.  Make sure you check back for more on National Vegetarian Week at All About Food.