It’s been sunny for something like 3 days in a row now, so the Tree House is in full summer mode, and I swear I’ve even seen someone in shorts somewhere (I’m looking at you, Neil…). Summer is the greatest time of year. We get to top up on some crucial vitamin D, the beer garden suddenly becomes our new home/best friend and we start venturing to the nearest beach (even if it is hundreds of miles away) – summer and sunshine make everything much better.

Surely one of the best parts of summer is the fresh, delicious food that is cooked up on the regular and the complete contrast to the warm, hot, homely meals that frequent our homes during the winter months.

The sunshine inspiration has lead us to compile some of the best food-related ideas for the now-traditional 6 days of UK summer across the next 4 months. Enjoy!:

Taco Summer
Tacos, a true food of Mexico, have been on our radar for a little while, what with our awesome Wahaca meal kit, but the growing popularity of Mexican food is due to continue. Easy to make, really versatile and super flavoursome – Taco Tuesday has turned into Taco Everyday. For more Mexican inspiration, check out the Wahaca web page here.

BBQ Bedlam
If you’re not having a BBQ in summer then who even are you? BBQ’s are no longer just about the meat. Hell, you can even get on the BBQ vibe without even eating. Let the drinks flow, the food cook and kick back. There’s plenty of inspiration on the Red’s website in regards to cooking on heat – including creating the perfect burger patty – so why not take a look.

Prep for Veggie Times
Vegetarian food has become super popular now, for both moral and health reasons. Way back when, there used to be such a lack of depth, excitement and inspiration behind vegetarian living but the influx of cool restaurants and fresh ideas across the last few years means healthy eating no longer needs to be bland and beige. This also means that you need to be finding some great vegetarian treats for any dinner guests. This list, compiled by Huffington Post UK, is pretty comprehensive for ultra tasty meals for the meatless amongst us.

Spice up your Salad
Salad is the king and queen of summer – fresh leaves, zesty flavours and bags full of colour, the salad is the flagship meal for summer. Too many times, though, are salads lacking in flavour or true excitement. A bit of leaf and some tomatoes is a regular sad sight on side salads, but that need not be the case. Spice up your life with the tasty mango and lime sesame salad recipe from Nando’s. Always a treat!