Next in our line of new starter blogs comes in the form of our swanky new Senior National Account Manager, Murray Tweed.

Murray hails from Scotland and joins our clan with a really great level of experience to his name, with a heavy focus in FMCG.

Spending time with Murray, I can tell he’s going to fit really well within the All About Food culture that focuses on hard work, done right, whilst having fun. A huge part of the whole ethos of our company is our people, and the vibe we’ve gotten from Murray within the first few months is that we’ve really recruited a great new Foodie.

OK, all of the soppy stuff is out of the way now, all of the ‘Murray is so great’ malarkey can move aside. Let’s get to the core of the issues: a little bit about the first few months.

First things first, quite early on in his tenure Murray dressed as a Hollywood sign. I’m tempted to give to zero context to this and let it stew a little so that you think he’s lost the plot already, but I won’t. We’re not that mean! During our recent Macmillan coffee morning (blog coming soon!) a theme was decided upon for the day which was movie/Hollywood based. We got a typically excellent array of costumes which included Murray in a fetching Hawaiian themed shirt (think deep pink in colour and palm trees across his chest) as a backdrop to a handmade H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sign that, although impossible to wear sitting down, was worn throughout the day with dedication and aplomb. With a cracker of an outfit like that, you’re going to fit right in Murray!

Let’s find out a little about Murray with our new Foodie questionnaire:

Name & position with All About Food Ltd:
Murray Tweed, Senior National Account Manager (Wholesale and Convenience).

How has your start at All About Food Ltd been?
Since successfully navigating what was probably the toughest interview for a job role I’ve ever had, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, to be honest! Since officially joining just over 6 weeks ago (and receiving the best ‘new starter welcome’ ever!) I’ve been through comprehensive inductions across all functions of the business, visited suppliers, had extensive training, and even managed to start up and contribute to an internal project or two! My induction plan has been genuinely all encompassing and well thought out; it’s a testament to the people-centric nature of the business.

What has your experience been prior to All About Food Ltd?
My history prior to joining the brilliant (but ever so slightly mad) team at AAF is deeply rooted in FMCG. Since graduating from University in 2008 with a Philosophy degree, I’ve steadily worked my way up the sales ladder.

Beginning my career as a Graduate learning my trade as a Territory Manager in Kent, I’ve had successful subsequent sales roles as a:

– Regional Account Manager for Wholesale and Convenience (covering Wales, the West Midlands and the Southwest),
– Distributor Manager (Nordic Region within EMEA Sales Team)
– National Account Manager (ASDA and Sainsbury’s)

Finally, my most recent role prior to joining AAF was as an eCommerce Manager, forming relationships with all relevant online and digital contacts, as well as developing a business strategy to win in this exciting and fast evolving channel.

How does it differ from anywhere else you may have worked?
The amount of personal attention, as well as responsibility I’ve had since joining the business on day 1, has been incredibly impressive. Additionally, the true and genuine nature of the business has been something which has really resonated with me. AAF clearly strive to include their 5 key values (family, passion, pride, belief and integrity) into everything they do, and I’m proud to say I’m a massive advocate of this attitude within the business (and in life).

What initially attracted you to somewhere like All About Food Ltd?
– Being able to work for a business with confidence to try new things and in the process to be allowed to fail fast and learn fast.
– To be able to develop myself as a sales, project and people manager simultaneously.
– To put myself directly on the front line. Despite all the fun, good nature and personal people attention, AAF wouldn’t be where they are today without an extremely hard and unforgiving business edge, and it’s being exposed to this which I believe I will most benefit from.

One thing we might not know about you:
I’m directly related to the current Guinness World Record holders for oldest living group of siblings (my Grandad and his brothers and sister have a combined age of 1,031 years – and counting!)

Where is your favourite place to eat?
Red’s True Barbecue (try their pulled pork and slaw…)

Where is your favourite place to drink?
As a Scot, that question is a little redundant…

Top 3 films without thinking, GO:
The Matrix
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Dances With Wolves (curveball!)

Actor that would play you in a film:
Whoever FHM’s current sexiest actor in the world is.

And finally, sum up All About Food in 3 words:
Nurturing, perspicacious & tenacious