A couple of months back, we welcomed three new Foodies to our band of merry people. Murray, Cheryl and Katie joined our ranks, and what great additions they have been. Over the last few weeks, we at the blogging team have introduced you to Murray and Cheryl and provided a little more information about them by way of New Foodies Question Time – where I put the new guys through the mill, one question at a time (that, or just ask them a set of fairly standard ‘getting to know you’ questions. Either or.)

Today it is the turn of Katie C, our newest Senior Brand Account Manager, who is working on our brilliant BBQ brand Red’s.

Katie C (not to be confused with our finance whizz Katie B) has been a great addition to the team, and got stuck into Foodie culture from her first day. Since her 4 week induction – including Emotional Intelligence training – she has taken the bull by the horns and really dug deep into the spirit we value within the Tree House. The spirit of hard work, good laughs and lots of food.

Major contributions include organising the table football tournament to end all table football tournaments and dressing up – excellently, may I add – as Wayne from Wayne’s World for our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning during her first month. Something which we all approve of massively.

It’s not just the culture Katie have excelled in, her work with Red’s has been great and I know for sure that the whole Foodie fraternity have been glad to have her working alongside them. Welcome, Katie!

Now I’ve told you a little about Katie within the business, let’s delve a little into what makes Katie tick. And by the sound of what’s below, that could well be microbreweries.

Name & position with All About Food Ltd:

Katie, Senior Brand Account Manager

How has your start at All About Food Ltd been?

Fast and furious! But fun, warm and very welcoming.

What has your experience been prior to All About Food Ltd?

I’ve tried a bit of everything on my journey through life in food manufacturing! I started my career as a Marketing Manager, looking after the full marketing mix for licensed branded baking mixes with brand partners such as Weight Watchers, Nestle, Twentieth Century Fox, Classic Media and Jane Asher, followed by a move into Project Marketing for Marks and Spencer in Confectionery launching sweets and chocolate sourced all over  Europe. I then spent a fantastic six years at AB World Foods, where I was given the opportunity to look after the entire Own Label portfolio in the UK and Internationally, promoted up to look after Channel Strategy for Brand and Own Label, was trusted to go and look after a 100-man team running a Poppadom line as Production Manager for 7 months during a big commissioning project, and then stepped up into a Top 4 Sales Account Manager role, where I delivered our biggest Indian range change in Morrisons for four years – a great experience, and quite a high to leave on!

How does it differ from anywhere else you may have worked?

AAF actually has similarities to a number of businesses that I have worked in across my career, they’ve all had an element of “family” in them – from a tiny family company, to a small family-run SME, to a larger family-founded business like AB World Foods, and I’ve grown up in those companies, learning and developing across different functions. The difference at this point in my career is that having built up a decade of experience across the industry, I am now wanting to use that to help to support the growth and development of All About Food; a great group of brands with huge potential, and a great team with lots of talent.

What initially attracted you to somewhere like All About Food Ltd?

The company is young, dynamic, and energetic with a real entrepreneurial spirit and hunger for seeking opportunity. I love the brands that we have in our portfolio, and was delighted to get the opportunity to work with Red’s True Barbecue – I was a fan of the restaurant and the brand long before I started working with them.

One thing we might not know about you:

I’m a twin. Non-identical, he’s my brother.

I also once got an interview for the Apprentice, but had a proper interview on the same day, so I made a choice to go for a “real” job.. But didn’t get it!

Where is your favourite place to eat?

I love Thai, Chinese and Indian restaurants, depending on the mood and the occasion.

Where is your favourite place to drink?

My local microbrewery, trying their latest real ale creations. Especially on a cold Winter’s day.

Top 3 films without thinking, GO:

Forrest Gump. Gone With the Wind. Bambi.

Actor/actress that would play you in a film:

The woman who plays the President’s assistant in Independence Day….the one who was married/divorced with Jeff Goldblum. Yes, her.

And finally, sum up All About Food in 3 words:

Ballsy, Frenetic, Evolving