We’ve got some great news! When we get a new starter in the building, we love to be able to show them off. They’re always just so exciting, fun and full of lovely, delicious knowledge. And today is no different! A couple of months ago, we brought a few other new Foodies into our Tree House and so please by them we were, that we want to show them off to you!

The first of our new Foodie files starts with Cheryl. Cheryl is our shiny new Senior Brand Account Manager for our Pizza Express and Cranks brands. It’s been really great to have Cheryl join All About Food and watch her grow into the team like a pro.

Cheryl’s experience within our industry is grand, with her previous employment taking her through a range of roles that have given her a great spectrum of knowledge. But more about that fancy-pants work stuff another time, I know what you want: the juicy gossip.

Well, that’s a shame, because I haven’t really got any. I suppose I could make some up but no, let’s not start that.

Without wanting to sound too much like a game show, Cheryl’s favourite food – and I quote – is “Chinese/Thai” which seems to be as specific as we were going to get there, but upon telling us what her ideal night out was, we got an awfully specific answer: “A night with friends in a  New York bar with views across the city, drinking cocktails”, which to us sounds absolutely tip-top. Any room for 29 Foodies in New York, Cheryl?

We’re really glad to have Cheryl amongst our ranks, and see below for a bit more relevant – and not-so-relevant – information in our new Foodie question time:

Name & position with All About Food Ltd:

Cheryl Graham, Senior Brand Account Manager

How has your start at All About Food Ltd been?

I am currently on week 8 and have loving my role! My first 4 weeks were set aside as a clear induction period for me to understand our business, our people and get closer to our restaurant brands. Having the time to do this over the 4 week period prior to starting the ‘day job’ was a really great time for emersion and to build a solid foundation of understanding. I am now fully into the day to day of my role, working on both Pizza Express and Cranks and finding both brands very exciting in terms of opportunities.

What has your experience been prior to All About Food Ltd?

I’ve worked in a mix of retailers and suppliers which has given me a great insight into both sides of the fence. I have worked on both own label and brands but predominantly most of my experience has been within marketing from category management to brand management and working on licenced brands.

How does AAF differ from anywhere else you may have worked?

Having the opportunity to merge two industries (restaurant and retail) and become experts in both is really great.

What initially attracted you to somewhere like All About Food Ltd? 

The culture was a huge driver for me and the blogs like this one continued to entice me over the years!

One thing we might not know about you:

I always wanted to be a Police Officer

Where is your favourite place to eat?

This frequently changes as get bored quickly but also love to try new food, but generally it is orientated around Chinese / Thai food. If I had to name one right now it would be Red & Hot in Manchester which specialises in Szechuan Chinese cuisine (not to be confused with Red Hot


Where is your favourite place to drink? 

Cocktails and fizz are my thing. If I am splashing out, it would be Australasia in Manchester for the atmosphere and the drinks are always amazingly tasty. But when I’m not feeling so flush, Turtle Bay plays great music and is a good place to socialise with some friends, maybe even over food

Top 3 films without thinking, GO:

Romeo & Juliet (DiCaprio version)

Sweet Home Alabama

The Hangover (any of them..)

Actor/actress that would play you in a film:

Anyone with red hair otherwise it wouldn’t be me, although Nicole Kidman would age me a just a touch!

And finally, sum up All About Food in 3 words:

Passionate, food and driven