Just last week Liz shared a blog on our visit to the House of Lords following the Nando’s South Africa charity bike ride we completed in 2012, and a year later I am very lucky to be able to say that I am going again!! This time I’m fortunate to have Matthew as my cycling buddy and we will be cycling from Johannesburg to Durban totalling just over 850km. The ride will last 6 days again, averaging 150km per day through even hotter temperatures and more gruelling hills.

We will be flying out there on Sunday and we are currently feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It will be an incredibly tough 6 days however, we’re not just doing this because we’re mad, we are doing it to raise money to support people suffering or affected by HIV and AIDs.

Over 25% of all people in South Africa suffer from HIV or Aids, meaning that it affects everyone in some way. In recognition of this Nando’s South Africa has worked to set up a charity (Nando’s Aid) to support Nandocas (Nandos’ staff) and their families who are HIV positive or living with AIDS.

Nando’s Aid helps provide financial support for medication, as well as campaigning to improve awareness of the importance of knowing ones HIV status and assists with any funeral arrangements.

Matthew and I will again be raising money for the Topsy foundation, it works to empower sufferers and communities that are infected with or affected by HIV and AIDs and is an amazing charity.

We will be sending updates on how we are getting on so you can see how our legs have coped with the hills and if we can avoid the glorious ‘cycling tan’.

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Please do click through to our Virgin Money Giving page above; if you could spare some money for a fantastic cause we would be very grateful.

Back soon to tell you how it went and share some pictures!